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The Constitution, By-Laws and Traveling Handbook
of the 
Pompton Lakes-Riverdale Soccer Association



1. Name
2. Objective 
3. Headquarters 
4. Membership
5. Government
6. Legislative and Judicial Powers 
7. Board of Officers and Their Duties
8. Meetings
9. Quorum
10. Amendments
11. Sanctioned Leagues or Divisions
12. Dissolution

1. Jurisdiction 
2. Hearings and Appeals 
3. Order of Business
4. Registration 
5. Eligibility
6. Teams 
7. Selection of Teams
8. Selection of Managers and Coaches
9. Schedule
10. Team Standings
11. League Championships
12. Cup Post Season and Play off Procedures 
13. Trophies

Travelling Section   

A. Registration packets / Rosters Selection
B. Protests
C. Equipment / Field Preparation
D. Rain Outs / Field Availability 
E. Yellow and Red cards 
F. Injuries 
G. Fall Season "B" Traveling Team Requirements 
H. Responsibilities of all PLRSA Traveling Coaches 
I. Traveling Team Coach Selection
J. Tournament Fee Reimbursements
K. Out of town teams playing under the plrsa umbrella

Amendment #1 adopted Jan, 2005
Amendment #2 adopted June, 2005
Amendment #3 adopted Jan, 2006

1. Name:

The name of this organization shall be the Pompton Lakes-Riverdale Soccer Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation in the State of NJ.

2. Objective:

The objective of this Association shall be to promote, foster and perpetuate the game of soccer, and provide a competitive season for its sanctioned divisions to play the game of soccer in accordance with the high standards of good sportsmanship and fair play. The National Federation of State High School Association rules will prevail subject to the exceptions as set forth herein hereto.

3. Headquarters:

The headquarters of this Association shall be located in the County of Passaic, State of New Jersey. Local headquarters shall be determined from time to time by the Association''''''''s Board of Officers, in whom such authority is vested. The mailing address is:

PO Box 111, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 07442.

4. Membership:

Sect. 1 — This Association shall consist of a Board of Officers, Division Supervisors, Managers and Coaches of all sanctioned leagues and all others interested in promoting youth soccer in Pompton Lakes and Riverdale.

Sect. 2 — This Association shall also consist of all players on each team. Parents of players shall be considered associate members of this Association and subject to an annual membership fee allocated by the Board of Officers.

Sect. 3 — No Player in this Association shall receive any compensation for playing, no player shall be eligible to vote.

Sect. 4 — The Board of Trustees to be named annually, concurrent with the election of the Board of Officers, and shall consist of the elected officers.

Sect. 5 — Voting privileges:

1. All members may vote at any general meeting if they have attended one of the previous two general meetings.

2. No person may vote at time of elections unless they have attended at least 4 general sessions meetings during the year. One of which has to be in the last 2 meetings prior to elections. (Ammendment #3)

5. Government:

This Association shall be governed by its Constitution and By-Laws as set forth herein and attached hereto. Procedures not covered by these documents shall be determined by the latest edition of "Roberts Rule of Order"

The Board of Trustees to be named annually, concurrent with the election of the Board of Officers, and shall consist of the elected officers.

Elected Officers: (to be elected by vote of the members at the November meeting)

shall preside at all meetings of this Association. He/she shall co-sign approved checks with the Treasurer and in general be responsible for the adherence to the Constitution and its By-Laws.

Vice President: shall perform all duties of the President in his or her absence.

2nd Vice President:
shall handle all Indoor and Intown Rec issues.

Recording Secretary:
shall keep minutes of all general and board meetings of this Association.

Corresponding Secretary:
shall handle all correspondence not otherwise delegated, send out notices of all meetings to members as directed, and maintain a list of all members.

shall be responsible for all revenue of the Association. The Treasurer shall keep a complete record of the financial status of the
Association and sign approved checks with the President or Vice-President.

Sergeant at-Arms:
shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of all meetings of this Association and maintain attendance records. Chairs the Ethics Committee.

Other Officers: (to serve during the appropriate season)

President Appointed Officers: (with advice and consent of the members)

Chief of Referees: shall recruit, supervise, and train all referees.

shall have responsibility for registration of all players.

Referee Coordinator:
shall have responsibility for assigning referees for all games and providing remuneration for the referees.

Traveling Supervisors (or Sanctioned league Supervisors)

Northern Counties
Jersey Hills

6. Legislative and Judicial Powers:

Sect 1 — The Legislative and Judicial Powers of this Association, except those which are herein otherwise delegated, shall be vested in the Board of Officers. In all matters which shall be properly presented before the Board of Officers, each officer shall have the right to cast one vote.

Sect 2 — The Board of Officers of this Association shall consist of the above Officers. The Division Supervisor of each In-Town Division and the Traveling Supervisors shall also serve on the Board of Officers. All elected officers, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms shall be elected to serve one-year terms. All of the above elected Officers shall be elected by vote of the of the members at the November meeting. In the event of resignation, suspension or death of a member of the Board of Officers, the vacancy shall be filled by presidential appointment to the unexpired member of the Board to any position on the Board. The term of office for the designated Officers shall commence on the first meeting in december. The Chief of Referees, Registrar, and Referee Coordinator shall be appointed for a one year term by the President with the advice and consent of the members and serve as Officers of the Board. (Amendment #2)

Sect 3 — The necessity of any committee shall be established by the Board of Officers with Committee Chairpersons appointed by the President.

Sect 4 — There shall be one Supervisor for each sanctioned league (traveling) of this Association who shall be responsible for conducting the affairs of each league, subject to approval of the Board of Officers. Each Supervisor shall be responsible for maintaining up-to-date files on players within his league, posting and rescheduling games, maintaining equipment inventory and will implement such other rules and bylaws which shall be determined from time to time. The Supervisor shall expire as of December 15th. Each Division Supervisor shall be a member of the Board of Officers during the term of office.

8. Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held at least once a month with the Board of Officers and the representatives of the member teams, and other meetings may be held by the Board of Officers at their discretion.

9. Quorum

The presence of five members of the Board of officers shall constitute a quorum to transact business at any meeting of this Association.

10. Amendments

In order to amend the Constitution or By-Laws of this Association, a written notice of the proposed amendment must be made available to each member at a regular general meeting. The proposal must then be orally published at the next regular general meeting and must be voted upon at that meeting, with consent of three quarters (3/4) of those present, or tabled for a period of no longer than one month.

11. Sanctioned Leagues or Divisions:

Sect. 1 — The following In-Town Divisions shall be sanctioned:

Division Name Ages:
PeeWee under 6
Instructional Div. 6-7
Minor Division 8-9
Middle Division 10-11
Major Division 12-13 (14 if not in High School)

Sect. 2 — Traveling divisions shall be sanctioned according to provisions of the league in which the teams participate.

Sect. 3 — In addition to the above sanctioned Divisions, the Association may enter teams with the approval of the membership at a general meeting into any competition deemed in the best interest of fostering the game of soccer.

12. Dissolution:

In the event the Pompton Lakes-Riverdale Soccer Association ceases to exist, its funds and appropriate assets shall be donated to Charity of a specified youth service organization at the discretion of the Board of Officers and the consent of the membership.


1. Jurisdicton

This Association shall have jurisdiction over all teams, officials, managers, coaches and players; over all matters connected with the Association or soccer which it shall conduct; shall have power in the manner herein provided, after hearing to suspend or expel any team or any person under its jurisdiction, guilty of deliberate violation or breach of the Constitution, By-Laws, and such regulation of this Association, which may be made from time to time, and/or to impose fines and/or penalties as it deems proper.

2. Hearings and Appeals

Every case which shall arise in this Association shall be tried in the presence of all parties concerned, who must appear when notified. Prior to such a hearing, the Board of 0fficers shall meet and decide if hearing with the parties or party is warranted, If so, a preliminary hearing with all parties concerned will be held with the Board of Officers. Such arrangement pertains to members of the Board of Officers, Managers, Coaches and players alike. An appeal from the decision of the Board of Officers shall be made in writing to the Secretary within 48 hours of said Decision. An Appeals Committee will hear appeals from the decision of the Board of Officers. The decision of this committee shall be binding on the Association. The Chairperson and members of this committee shall be appointed by the Board of Officers.

3. Order of Business

The order of business at all meetings of this Association shall be as follows:

1. Roll call
2. Minutes of the previous meeting
3. Financial report of the Treasurer
4. Communications and Publicity
5. Report of the Board of Officers
6. Committee Reports
7. Sanctioned League Reports
8. Unfinished Business
9. New Business
10. Miscellaneous Items

4. Registration

An annual registration shall be held prior to June 1 for the Fall season. The registration fee will be determined annually by the membership. Additional registration may be held by agreement of the Board of Officers.

5. Eligibility:

(A) All children between five and thirteen by September 1, are eligible to play in this Association. Fourteen year olds, who are not in High School, are also eligible to play in this Association.

(B) If a player leaves Association affiliation, his re-affiliation will rest with the sole discretion of the Board of Officers.

6. Teams

Sanctioned leagues within this Association shall be comprised of a number of teams, the number of which to be determined by the Board of Officers prior to the start of competition.

The Association, with the consent of the Board of 0fficers,may elect to field special teams from time to time. These teams shall be governed by this Constitution and its By-Laws, unless otherwise authorized hy the Board of Officers.

7. Selection of Teams

(A) Five divisions to be established based on age: five year olds, six and seven year olds, eight and nine year olds, ten and eleven year olds; twelve and thirteen year olds.

(B) Team size should be limited to no more than fifteen players

(C) Coaches draw sons/daughters first to eliminate "trading off "

(D) Late registrants be assigned to a team by a disinterested third party or committee.

(E) Teams will be selected close to the beginning of the season and not at time of registration.

8. Selection of Managers and Coaches

A three member screening committee will be selected by the President to screen all prospective managers and coaches on an individual basis. The committee will make its selection from among the applicants based on personal interviews, recommendations, personal knowledge and general information. ALL MANAGERS AND COACHES are encouraged to attend all Association meetings during the season and EACH TEAM MUST BE REPRESENTED AT EACH MEETING by a member of the coaching staff. The Manager of each team must be an adult and one coach may be sixteen years old or older. All practice sessions must be attended by an adult.

9. Schedule

The competition of the Association shall be according to schedule.

10. Team Standings

The standings of the teams shall be determined by a point system: 4 points for a win by a goal differential of 5 or fewer goals, 3 points for a win by a goal differential of 6 or more goals (goals scored by a player into the players own goal will not count towards this goal differential); 2 points for a tie; 0 points for a loss.

11. League Championship

The champion of each sanctioned league (Division) shall be the team with the most number of points. If two or more teams have an equal point total, standings will be based on the following criteria.

a) Time permitting, a game shall be played between the tied teams to determine the regular season champion. Time not permitting, the teams may be declared co-champions by vote of the Executive Board. In case of ties in points, standings for the play-offs shall be determined by the following criteria:

a) most points in head-to-head competition.

b) most wins

If after application of these criteria, there remains a tie in the standings, position for the playoffs shall be decided by a coin toss.

12. Cup Post Season Playoff Procedures

All teams in the Minor, Middle, and Major Divisions shall participate in the Post-season Cup play.

The playoff schedule and seatings shall be approved by the membership prior to the end of the regular season.

13. Trophy and Awards

1. The awarding of Trophies shall be determined prior to the start of the season, by the members of the board, and should at the very minimum include:

1) The Regular League winner trophies
2) Cup Championships winner trophies
3) Trpohies for any traveling team finishing second in their flifght

2. No team shall be awarded both the regular season winner and championship trophy

Traveling coaches Handbook

Adopted august 10, 1995
Amendment #1 adopted August 10, 1995
Amendment #2 adopted September 14, 1995
updated September 5, 1996 - added division 6 to note 3
updated February 6, 1997 - added notes 6 and 7
Amendment #3 adopted September 14, 1995
Amendment #4 adopted April 4, 1996
Amendment #5 adopted June 4, 1998
Amendment #6 adopted May 16, 2002
Amendment #7 adopted June 6, 2002
Amendment #8 adopted November 6, 2003
Amendment #9 adopted Jan 19, 2006
Amendment #10 adopted May, 2007
Amendment #11 adopted May 20, 2009

Coachs Ethics

1. Coaches should always remember that the primary mission of this association is not to win but to provide a positive environment for kids to learn and enjoy soccer. The Association is committed to this mission and all coaches are expected to conduct themselves not only according to the letter of the rules, but also within the spirit of the rules, thereby promoting the goals and objectives of the Association. Coaches are expected to know the rules of the game and of this association. Ignorance of these rules is not a defensible argument for their violation.
2. This is a participation association. Every player in the In-town program must play 1/2 of each and every game and 1/3 of each game for traveling teams that he/she attends barring injury or disciplinary action. Players should not be excluded from games for simply missing practices. If at all possible try to play your players equal time, particularly when ahead.
3. Coaches who do not conduct themselves according to the letter and spirit of the rules, constitution, and by-laws of this association are subject to disciplinary action by the Ethics Committee. Coaches will set the standard for treating referees with respect. Coaches are also responsible for the behavior of their players and fans. Coaches that receive a red card will automatically be suspended for the next game, and may be suspended for more games at the discretion of the Ethics Committee. Coaches receiving Yellow Cards will also be reviewed by the Ethics Committee (also see L. and M. below).
4. Coaches are prohibited from using profanity, including swearing under their breaths.
5. There will be no consumption of alcohol or use of tobacco products at or near the soccer fields.

A. Registration packets / Rosters Selection

1. The traveling league supervisor must review the team packet before the packet is forwarded to the district commissioner - no exceptions.

2. A player will be suspended if his/her registration fees are not paid by the second league game.

3. Morris County will require coaches to possess "F" license certification. The coach must submit his/her certificate to the district commissioner with the team packet.

4. Selection of players will be made by the head coach. No out of town player may be selected to any PLRSA traveling team, until every "traveling quality" player, as determined by the coach, from Pompton Lakes/Riverdale has been selected. A coach may select out of town players thereafter, but is limited to 3 (three) players from out of town per team. The traveling league supervisor must be notified prior to the additions being made. The charter of the PLRSA is to serve the children of our towns first!
(Ammendment #7 adopted June 6, 2002)

5. All traveling team candidates should be registered with the PLRSA for the upcoming season in order to participate in the tryouts.

6. The Pompton Lakes Riverdale Soccer Association (PLRSA) restricts rostered players to primary carded players only. No player can become a rostered player of a PLRSA team as a secondary carded player that is already carded as a primary player for another soccer club or association. A registered PLRSA player may be rostered for another club or association only as a secondary carded player and must participate in the game played by their PLRSA team in the event of a schedule conflict. The only exception to this ruling is Division I and II teams.
Amendment #11 adopted May 20, 2009

7. Team selection and rejection notification letters must be mailed as soon as the roster is determined, certainly by 7/1/99.

8. The traveling league supervisor and the registrar will maintain a current copy of the team roster.

9. The Pompton lakes Riverdale Soccer Association (PLRSA) will in limited and unique circumstances allow exceptional youth soccer players to play on teams that are both age inappropriate and are competing at a greater level of play than would be otherwise available to the player. This is commonly known as "playing-up". Whereas the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body of all soccer in the United States, has clearly delineated their endorsement of playing-up in youth soccer, PLRSA has elected to take a significantly more conservative approach to the issue.

"Playing up" (trying out for a team that is older than his/her age appropriate team) is generally not permissible within the PLRSA, unless there are extenuating circumstances for a player to play up. Each case will be evaluated by the board of directors and decided upon on an individual case basis. No player shall be allowed to play up, unless a incomplete roster situation exists on the older team (no age appropriate child of "traveling quality" should be displaced from a team due to another players desire to play up). Players are encouraged to play on their age appropriate teams, in an effort to field the best possible traveling team in each age group.
A letter explaining the reasons for wanting to play up and the "PLRSA Playing up Request Form" (available online),must be submitted to the Executive board for review, before a decision will be made. The appropriate coaches will be informed of the boards decision. Players wanting to play up are encouraged to tryout for their age appropriate team as well, in case the board declines the request to play up. If a player elects to "play up" at a tryout, without trying out for his/her age appropriate team, he/she is not eligible for their age appropriate team, unless a incomplete roster situation exists. Furthermore, an athlete that qualifies as exceptional player and makes an inappropriate aged team is not guaranteed a position on that team in ensuing years and is therefore required to repeat the try-out process seasonally.
Amendment #6 adopted May 16, 2002

10. All traveling coaches must attend at least 4 general soccer meetings per year (You can send your assistant also if you wish). They are on the third Thursday of every month. (Amendment #10 adopted May 2007)

B. Protests

1. Any traveling coach who believes a protest should be filed must do the following:

A. Call the traveling league supervisor immediately after the game and state the reason for the protest.

B. The traveling league supervisor will immediately contact the executive board to discuss the coaches request.

C. The executive board will decide if the protest should be filed. If so, the coach will address a letter to the appropriate traveling league official which will be co-signed by the traveling league supervisor.

D. A notification call to the traveling league official will be made by the traveling league supervisor.

E. The protest fee (paid by the PLRSA) and letter(in triplicate) must be postmarked no later than two days following the game or occurrence being protested.

2. A coach can file a protest after being denied by the PLRSA executive board. The coach must pay the protest fee and must follow the procedure outlined above.

C. Equipment / Field preparation

1. It is the responsibility of all the coaches who play at home on a given week to prepare the field for the game.

  • This includes but is not limited to:
    • A. Lining the field
    • B. Setting up the goals and nets
    • C. Installing the corner flags
    • D. Providing a game ball to the referee

2. It is equally important that all PLRSA equipment be properly stored after each game and that the field is left in the condition it was found in! (the "Lakeside" rule)

D. Rain Out / Field Availability

1. All traveling league games require at least a two hour notice of a cancellation. The proper procedure is as follows and must be used:
A. Call the opposing coach and cancel the game. If the cancellation is caused by field availability (Lakeside as an example), the opposing team must be given the option of playing the game at their field.

B. If the game is canceled call the PLRSA traveling league supervisor or the PLRSA president immediately. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to contact the traveling league games chair and the opposing team league contact in the event of a cancellation.

C. There should be an attempt made to contact the referee assigner also.

D. A canceled game should be rescheduled and played within two weeks of the original game date. The two coaches should agree on a make up date and then the traveling league supervisor should be notified to submit the change and to arrange for the referees.

E. If the two coaches can not agree, the traveling league supervisors of the towns will settle on a date for the make-up game.

E. Yellow and Red Cards

1. All red cards (received by a player or coach) must be reported to the PLRSA traveling league supervisor or to the PLRSA president by 9:00 pm on the day of the game by the coach or assistant. Failure to do so will result in the coach being suspended for 1 league game by the PLRSA in addition to the traveling league suspension.

A. Traveling league sanctions will apply to carded individuals, there will not be any PLRSA sanctions unless deemed necessary by the ethics committee. If a player receives a red card for fighting or for violent actions on the field, aside from the action taken by the league, the situation may be reviewed by the PLRSA disciplinary committee to decide whether further action, if any, will be taken. It is the opinion of the PLRSA that a player re-ceiving a yellow card should be substituted for and given a chance to "cool off" before re-entering the game.

B. If a parent causes the coach to receive the red card, the parent must pay the fine, or his/her child will be suspended from play until the fine is paid in full.

2. The coach is responsible for the actions of himself/ herself, the players and the fans.

A. If a coach receives a red card for poor or violent behavior he/she is responsible for all fines.

B. Verbal abuse directed at the referee (or players) will not be tolerated by the PLRSA. If legal action is taken against a PLRSA coach, the coach is responsible for his/her legal fees.

C. Any coach charged with abuse of a referee or player will be suspended immediately until the matter is resolved. If the coach is found guilty he/she will be expelled from the PLRSA for a period of one year. After one year the coach may seek re-instatement.

D. If a traveling team coach has an outstanding fine or is under suspension he/she will not be allowed to participate in any team activities until the fine or suspension has been satisfied. Activities are defined as tryouts, practices, and league or tournament games. Fines/suspensions by either the PLRSA or the traveling leagues apply to this amendment.

(Amendment #1 - August 3, 1995)

F. Injuries

1. Any injuries sustained by a member of a PLRSA traveling team must be reported to PLRSA traveling league supervisor asap. The parent must submit any bills for services to their personal insurance company first and then to the PLRSA insurance as a secondary carrier. Insurance forms are available from the registrar.

G. Fall Season "B" Traveling Teams and Team Requirements

(Amendment #2 - September 4, 1995)

1. To consider fielding fall "B" traveling teams, there must be a sufficient number of in town players in a particular division to field a minimum of four (4) in town teams. The minimum number of players per team is as follows:

  • Minor - 11 per team
  • Middle - 14 per team
  • Major - 14 per team
    • Note: Should enough players register to form a complete major division, the division 3 boys and girls traveling team members will not play in the major division. This will allow the major division to play on both Saturday and Sunday.

2. All traveling team candidates must be registered (parent authorization and paid registration) to participate in the tryouts and must attend 1 of the 2 scheduled tryouts. No exceptions will be made!

Additional tryouts may be held if necessary, however, only children who attend one or both of the original dates are eligible.

3. After the traveling tryouts are held and the "A" teams are chosen, here must be a minimum of :

  • Division 3 and 4: eleven (11) players,
  • Division 5 and 6: eight (8) players

from Pompton Lakes and Riverdale and they must be of "traveling team quality". The remaining roster spots should be filled by players from Pompton Lakes and Riverdale before players from other towns are chosen (see above ammendment #7 for rostering out of town players). Note: If a player is chosen for an "A" team he or she cannot choose to play for the "B" team unless the situation is reviewed and approved by the executive board.

4. If a fall "B" team is established the traveling league supervisor must be notified and the selection of a coach will be made and approved by the executive board.

5. The executive board will decide which uniform shirts all "B" teams, including spring teams, will wear (existing or new), or the team may buy their own uniforms.

6. "C" teams will only be considered for the spring season.

H. Responsibilities of all PLRSA Traveling Coaches

(Amendment #3 - September 4, 1995)

1. It is the responsibility of all PLRSA traveling coaches to see that the full schedule of games is completed each season. Failure to complete the schedule exposes the PLRSA to traveling league sanctions and/or fines. For all games not played on the league assigned date the following procedure must be followed:

A. The traveling league supervisor and PLRSA president must be notified by the assigned game date.

B. A game not played on the scheduled date, for any reason, must be rescheduled and played within two weeks of the originally scheduled date.

C. The two coaches should agree on a make-up date and the traveling league supervisor (and the PLRSA president) must be notified to submit the change and arrange for the referees.

D. If the two coaches can not agree on a make-up date, the traveling league supervisor and/or the PLRSA president will intervene. Failure to follow the above procedures, pending a review by the executive board, could subject the PLRSA coach to the fines assessed by the traveling league, suspension of coaching duties and a possible 1 year coaching suspension.

I. Traveling Team Coach Selection

(Amendment #4 - March 22, 1996)

Being selected by and representing the PLRSA as a traveling team coach is an honor, not a right. Accepting that fact, the coaches criteria will be used by the selection committee when filling traveling team coaching slots. The following criteria was adopted at an executive board meeting held 1/14/93.

1. Association participation
2. Coaching experience
3. Ethics
4. Certifications/Qualifications/Licenses etc.
5. Meeting attendance
6. Sponsorship

A traveling coaches candidates list will assembled by the traveling league supervisors. All candidates must notify the supervisors of their interest prior to the advertised deadline to be considered. The approximate time frame for the selections and announcements are as follows: April/May for fall and spring teams - October/November for additional spring teams

J. Tournament Fee Reimbursements

(Amendment #5 - June 4, 1998 - updated Oct. 3, 2002)

1. Traveling "A" teams are entitled to a total of $1000 per seasonal year. It is suggested that the team participate in one outdoor and one indoor tournament. The tournament must be NJSYSA approved. Tournament allowance does not carry over from year to year. "B" teams are entitled to $1000.00 per seasonal year. Again, the allowance does not carry over.

2. The traveling supervisor must be notified by the head coach requesting tournament fees. The treasurer will then provide the funds. The traveling supervisor will also keep a record of each teams balance for that seasonal year.

3. Allocation of all excess tournament funds:

(Amendment #8 - Nov 6, 2003) 

At end of season (Aug 1st - July 31st), teams that exceed the $1000 limit per year, may submit a request to the PLRSA for additional funds, based on excess funds from all other teams (teams that did not participate in any tournament, or did not use up their entire budget), and only for NJYSA sanctioned tournaments, with copy of original registration to Treasurer. Reallocated funds may also include 20% entry fee charged for canceled tournaments due to rain-outs, as per NJYSA rules.
PLRSA Board has the right to refuse reallocation of excess tournament funds to any team if it is determined that the allocation exceeds normal tournament registration fee expenses.
All teams eligible will be pooled together and receive proportional fees based on total refund request over total fund available. [e.g.: $400 unclaimed tournament fee available. Team A submits a request for $400 and Team B submits a request for $200. Team A would receive $267 (66%) and team B would receive $133 (33%].

This would not apply if total fund available exceeds total refund requested.

K. Out of town teams playing under the plrsa umbrella

(Amendment #5 - Oct. 5, 1995) 

Any out ot town team which plays under the PLRSA umbrella must post a $400.00 Bond before they begin play.


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