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Pompton Lakes-Riverdale Soccer Association: Winter (Indoor) Rules – 2020

updated 12/28/2019

1. Coach's Ethics

a. Coaches should always remember that the primary mission of this association is not to win but to provide a positive environment for kids to learn and enjoy soccer. The Association is committed to this mission and all coaches are expected to conduct themselves not only according to the letter of the rules, but also within the spirit of the rules, thereby promoting the goals and objectives of the Association. Coaches are expected to know the rules of the game and of this association. Ignorance of these rules is not a defensible argument for their violation.

b. This is a participation association. Every player in the In-town program must play 1/2 of each and every game that he/she attends barring injury or disciplinary action. Players should not be excluded from games for simply missing practices. If at all possible try to play your players equal time, particularly when ahead.

c. Coaches who do not conduct themselves according to the letter and spirit of the rules, constitution, and by-laws of this association are subject to disciplinary action by the Ethics Committee. Coaches will set the standard for treating referees with respect. Coaches are also responsible for the behavior of their players and fans. Coaches that receive a red card will automatically be suspended for the next game, and may be suspended for more games at the discretion of the Ethics Committee. Coaches receiving Yellow Cards will also be reviewed by the Ethics Committee.

d. Coaches are prohibited from using profanity, including swearing under their breaths.

e. There will be no consumption of alcohol or use of tobacco products at or near the soccer venues.

f. All coaches are asked to conduct themselves in the spirit of the rules, and not only in the letter of the rules, thereby promoting the goals and objectives of the Association.

g. All United States Soccer Federation rules shall apply unless superseded below.

2. Number of players (including goalies).

a) Instructional, Minor - 6 players

Middle & Major - 5 players

b) If one team is short handed, both teams will play at equal strength. If one team lacks the minimum number of players (5 in the Instructional and Minor, 4 in the Middle and Major) 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time, the team will lose by forfeit; if both teams do not have the minimum # of players present 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time, the game shall be declared a double forfeit with no points awarded to either team (though, if both coaches agree an informal scrimmage may be played with the players present).

3. General Rules

The general rules of outdoor soccer apply except as described herein:

a) Balls struck off the walls, ceiling, light fixtures, basketball fixtures, etc., are in play. Balls which become lodged in the goal nets shall be placed in play by the team that did not touch the ball last either by a goal kick (for the defending team) or by a corner kick (for the attacking team).

b) In all Divisions games all 4 walls will be in play. Balls lodged in the spectator area, etc., or which are deflected off a spectator in an unfair manner (that is, are directed by the spectator) will be put in play by a dropped ball.

c) Goal kicks, kicks at the beginning of each half (or quarter), and kicks used to resume play after a goal will remain as indirect kicks, dropped ball on the spectators side will be preformed 10 yard a way from the spectators.

d)e)  Kicks at the beginning of each half (or quarter) and kicks used to resume play after a goal shall not be kicked off any wall without first touching the floor or another player. (Penalty: indirect free kick for the opposing team from behind its own foul line.)

f) A ball lodged along the wall by two or more opposing players for more than 3 seconds shall be ruled a dead ball and play will be resumed by a dropped ball.

g) The off-side rule is replaced by the three line violation (as in hockey). No ball may be passed to another player across all three lines (the two basketball 3 point lines and the center line) unless the ball touches another player, a side wall, floor, or ceiling.

The penalty is an indirect free kick for the opposing team from behind its own foul line.

h) A goal scored on an indirect kick must touch another player before the ball crosses the goal line.

i) Goal keepers, within six seconds of gaining control of the ball, may distribute the ball to another player only by throwing it (not by dropping it then kicking it); the goalie may distribute the ball overhanded and may only take three steps before throwing the ball (penalty: indirect free kick). (In the Instructional Division, however, the goalie may take as many steps, within the penalty area, as they want as long as they distribute the ball within 6 seconds.) The 3 point line from the basketball court will constitute the penalty area. The goalie may throw the ball across the mid court line but not over the opponents 3 point (3 line pass).

j) Any attempt to simply place an offensive player in front of the goalie, obstructing the goalie's ability to play the ball, will be considered interference and result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

k) Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the key in all divisions.

l) In the Instructional and Minor Divisions a player must not play more than one half of the game as the goalie and must play at least one quarter in some position other than goalie.

m) In the Instructional Div. only one coach per team will be allowed on the court to help with instruction (as for F’08 rules) .

4. Game times

a) Each game will begin promptly begin at the scheduled time and run until 5 minutes before the next regularly scheduled game at the latest, no matter what time the game begins.

b) There will be four 10 minute quarters for Instructional and Minor Division games. For the Middle and Major Division games there will be two 25 minute halves. There will be a half-time of no longer than 4 minutes in all divisions.

5. Warnings, Cautions and Ejections

a) Players receiving a yellow card must leave the game until the next stoppage of play. Players awarded two yellow cards will receive a red card. All red carded players will be expelled from the game and no substitution will be allowed for that player for the remainder of the game. No substitute for an ejected player shall be allowed for the remainder of the match unless the ejection would result in the other team would be playing with a two player disadvantage. Fighting on the part of any player shall result in a red card and the automatic ejection of that player from the game. Players, coaches or assistant coaches who receive a red card for a game shall be automatically suspended for the next game as well and shall be reinstated only after review by the Ethics Committee. Coaches receiving a yellow card shall also be reviewed by the Ethics Committee (also see C. under Coaches Ethics above and 11. below).

b) Slide tackling is prohibited; penalty for each player: first offense - indirect kick awarded to the opposing team and a warning to the player; second offense - yellow card (caution); third offense - red card (ejection).

c) Yellow cards for all coaches shall be cumulative for the entire season, including the play-offs. A second yellow card will lead to automatic suspension for the next game. Each additional yellow card will mean a suspension for the next game.

6. Substitutions and Playing Time

a) Free unlimited substitution is permitted at all times (except for the goal keeper), including during play.

b) A player for which a substitution is being made must leave the court before the substitute enters the court.

c) Substitution for a goal keeper may be made only at the end of each quarter or during a stop in play.

d) Each player must play a minimum of half the game! Penalty: forfeiture of the game.

7. Equipment.

a) Goalies shall wear a distinctive shirt, different from his/her teammates and the other team.

b) The goalie in the Instructional Division must wear a helmet. Goalie helmets in the other divisions are optional.

c) All players are required to wear shin guards and sneakers or basketball shoes. Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended.

8. Point System,Slaughter Rule and Reporting Scores

a) Intentional ‘own’ goals will be disallowed and will result in a yellow card for the player who scored the goal

b) 4 points will be awarded for a team which wins by 6 or fewer goal differential, 3 points for a win by 7 or more goal differential, 2 points for a tie, 0 points for a loss.

c) Reporting Scores: All scores must be reported by each coach (or his/her designated representative) via e-mail to the appropriate supervisor within 5 days of the completion of the game. In the case of a tie the coach whose team # is smallest shall be responsible for reporting the score. Penalty: The team which does not report the score shall receive 0 points for that game.

9. Tie matches and Penalty Shots

a) In regular league play, if the score is tied at the end of regulation playing time, the match shall end in a tie.

b) League championship, Cup Play-offs, and Cup Championship matches ending in a tie at the end of regulation playing time shall be resolved as follows:

- 1) One sudden death (10 minute maximum) period shall be played.

-2) Shoot-out. If the match is still tied at the end of the overtime period, each coach shall present a list of all his players* to the referee. Alternate penalty shots shall be taken by the first 5 players of each team in order according

to the list presented. Which team shoots first or last will be determined by a coin toss with the team winning the coin toss having their choice whether to shoot first or last. The first team to obtain an insurmountable lead shall be declared the winner. If the score is still tied at this point, then a sudden death situation shall occur (with both teams having an equal number of shots), starting with the sixth player on the list and proceeding to the seventh, eighth, etc. on the list if needed. The goalie may be changed prior to each attempt. The ball will be considered dead if it goes out of bounds.

c) Penalty and shoot-out goals may not be scored on rebound shots off the goalie, goals, walls or ceilings or other persons or objects.

* If one team has less players than the other team, then the shoot-out will consist of the number of players available for the team with the least number of players available. If still tied after all of these players have taken shots,

the shoot-out will continue with the first player on each list, and continue in order until the tie is broken. The players selected for the shoot-out do not have to be playing at the end of the overtime period.

10. Protests

a) A referee's decision shall be final except in case where a protest is lodged. Only the application of a rule may be protested; judgment decisions may not be protested. At the point of disagreement in a particular match, the

coach must immediately notify the referee that the match is being played under protest. The referee shall record the playing time remaining in the match at the point when the protest is lodged. One copy of the protest is to be submitted within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match to the Association President or any other member of the Executive Board, accompanied by a $5.00 fee. A three member committee shall be appointed by the President and must render a decision within one week of the time when the protest was filed. No coach from the same division of the protested game shall serve on the protest committee. All games where the upholding of the protest requires further play shall be continued from the point of protest. The initial score of the continued game shall be the score of the original game at the point that the protest was lodged contingent upon the actions of the protest committee.

The decision of the protest committee shall be final. Only if the protest is upheld, shall the $5.00 filing fee be returned.

11. Conduct

a) Coaches are responsible and accountable for the conduct of their players, fans, and coaching staff. No coach shall be allowed on the playing court unless invited by the referee. Swearing or the use of improper language in an unsportsmanlike manner on the part of any player or coach shall lead to ejection for the game. In the case of continued harassment and unsportsmanlike conduct by one or more spectators, the referee shall issue a caution (yellow card) to the team represented by the spectator(s). A second offense by that spectator or any other spectator associated with a player of the same team shall mean termination of the game and the game shall be forfeited to the other team. Also see C. above under Coach's Ethics. Decisions of the Ethics Committee may be appealed to the Executive Committee of the association.

12. Schedule changes

a) No schedule changes will be made (other than for inclement weather) except by written request or by e-mail of a coach to the division supervisor at least six days in advance of the game that the coach wishes to reschedule. The

rescheduled game time may then only be traded with another scheduled game if all of the other coaches are in agreement. No other times will be allowed. The written or e-mail request must carefully explain the reason for the change request and indicate the number of players involved. No request will be honored if the team still has the minimum number of players needed to play at full strength. Any game played at a date and/or time not approved by the division supervisor will result in a double forfeit. The responsibility of obtaining referees will lie with the coach requesting the change.

13. Rule Changes

a) No changes (other than the exception in 13. b listed below) in the rules will be made after the rules are adopted at a regular meeting of the association unless there is a clear and present safety issue involved. The rules may only then be altered by a 3/4 vote of the executive committee.

b) The only exception to 13. a listed above is that the sizes of the teams (# players per team) in a division may be modified by a subsequent vote of the Executive Board if the number of registrants in the division warrants a change in the size of teams.

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